Ex Novo, meaning “from scratch” “from the beginning”.

That’s where it all starts!


It begins with a vivid imagination combined with respect and love for women. In the Ex Novo workshop we put our best effort to manufacture unique handmade Pieces made of antioxidant, nickel-free metals, semi-precious stones and elements in a wide range of colors.

The materials are chosen from worldwide experts in the fashion industry.

Ex Novo handmade jewelry is designed after careful consideration of worldwide trends in women’s fashion and our continuous participation in International Accessories Exhibitions. In this way, we set high standards to guarantee the quality of our creations.

Ex Novo’s focus is to imagine and design breathtaking jewelry to make every woman feel and bring out her uniqueness and rarity, like Ex Novo Jewelry.


 Ex Novo Team

Our Workshop

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Bronze elements, stones, and leather  are only a small part of the materials used in the process of converting inspiration to a piece of jewellery.


+ High Quality
+ Unique Design



The production unit is based in Athens and consists of a highly specialized personnel while the brand Ex Novo has become a synonyme to high quality and avand-garde style


+ Creative
+ Expeerienced
+ Knowledgeable



Our Sales team is consistead by experienced people always there to help you choose the best products for you.


+ Passionate
+ Helpful
+ Trustworthy